The Great American Democracy Scam

Just Dropping the Magic Word “Democracy” Justifies Murder and Mayhem

When the American B-52 Stratofortress bombers fly over a little country, whether it’s to loose their fearsome load of indiscriminate megadeath or just to intimidate, they’re always doing it for a good cause: Democracy. Don’t be tempted to think that dropping those cluster bombs, napalm or agent orange is murder. For one specious reason or another–petroleum; rare earth deposits; land grabs or their favorite, anti-communism, these actions can always be justified. They say they’re spreading Democracy. But what democracy is this?

It’s a strange denatured ideology that the Americans have been distilling for generations both at home and abroad. Little by little they have gone undermining democracy, their country’s supposedly most sacred legacy, leaving just the label . For their purposes the label is enough. The substance behind it is just an encumbrance. Once they had planted “American democracy” in the popular imagination as something sacrosanct with all its mythological trappings–George Washington crossing the Delaware, the constitutional convention gathered in Philadelphia, Lincoln at Gettysburg–then they could get on with the real business at hand: smashing and grabbing, first across North America, then the world. In the end American democracy was virtually reduced to just an all-purpose smokescreen trotted out whenever they wanted to subvert or invade, in person or by proxy, someone else’s country. They have done this so many times just since World War II that most Americans can’t recall them all. But, rest assured, the victims remember.

Iran Hasn’t Forgotten

One of the prime examples of this American modus operandi is the case of Iran, 1953. Mohammad Mossadeq was the the popular democratically-elected president of the country, actually named Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1951. Under Mossadeq’s leadership the Iranian parliament voted to nationalize Britain’s Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, the forerunner of British Petroleum (BP), operating under privileged conditons during decades in the rich Iranian oil fields. The British were taking 84% of the oil revenues, leaving a scant 16% to the Iranians. Oil field workers earned less than 50 cents a day. The company paid no taxes in Iran but those they paid in Britain were double the amount of the Iranian share of the revenues from their own oil.

Winston Churchill, wrote to President Truman referring to Mossadeq as “Mussy Duck,” and accusing him of being “an elderly lunatic bent on wrecking his country and turning it over to communism.” The truth was nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, the CIA went promptly to work. It bought Iranian journalists, clergymen, army and police officers and members of parliament, as well as a gang of Muslim thugs, the Warriors of Islam, to sow discontent on the street. They even hired thugs to attack a mosque. The result was a foregone conclusion. Democracy prevailed, during a quarter of a century of brutal rule under the CIA-reinstated Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Anti-Communism Never Fails

This was not the first American use of accusations of “communism” to justify regime change in other people’s countries. From the beginning of the Cold War till our own days, that has always been Uncle Sam’s favorite justification for any and all foreign interventions. Lately, with the American governments’ persistent slipping to the right, the victims need not even be communists. It’s enough for them to show signs of just a whif of socialism in order to be corrected from land, sea, air and outer space.

I said this in a piece entitled Gold Star America just a couple of months ago:

In our living memory anti-communism has been the gossamer pretext that provided ideological cover for non-stop wars, regime-changes, unsavory allies and false-flag operations around the world. They included the Korean War, the Vietnam War, coups d’etat in Greece, Iran, Guatemala, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Iraq, South Yemen, and many more. They’re going on still in Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela, to mention just a few.

Where does this visceral, knee-jerk anti-communism come from? Russian communism was never the United States’ cup of tea, from as far back as the 1917 Russian revolution. In the summer of 1918 the American Expeditionary Force, North Russia (the Polar Bear Expedition, with some 5,000 US Army troops, mostly from Michigan), entered the newborn Soviet Russia from Siberia and harrassed the Red Army between September 1918 and July 1919, before being booted out. By the early 1930s, with the US in the depths of the Great Depression while Russian industry was booming, it became clear to American capitalists that Russia might, one day, present a serious threat to their dominance. This fact, greatly amplified by the astute use of anti-Soviet propaganda, laid the foundations for a century–and counting–of anti-communist hysteria.

The phenomenon was launched in 1945 after President Franlin D. Roosevelt died unexpectedly leaving a sorely underqualified Vice President Harry Truman as President. Winston Churchill’s 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri, with Truman accompanying him on the platform, further complicated American-Soviet relations. Churchill, ever the British aristocrat and staunch anti-Russian who had actually suggested that the Allies invade Russia after the Second World War, poisoned Ruso-American relations for the rest of recent history, declaring dramatically and maliciously:

From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent… Police governments are prevailing… in a great number of countries… the Communist parties or fifth columns constitute a growing challenge and peril to Christian civilization… I do not believe that Soviet Russia desires war. What they desire is the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines.

Death and Destruction Can Always Be Justified

Some question remains as to whether America´s traditional neurotic anti-communalism is a genuine mental illness instilled systematically over decades of brainwashing, or is it simply an enabling ploy that permits them to eliminate any left-wing government they don’t fancy, with all the death and destruction that elimination entails? Such dire results are regrettable but they are seen as justified in order to install an American-style Democracy.

Similar circumstances are treated differently in other parts of the world. In most advanced countries the communists are not seen as diabolical anti-Christs, rather as one of the legitimate choices in fair elections. The citizens decide freely if they want communists to partipate in their governments and to what extent. Isn’t the very essence of true democracy the freedom of citizens to decide what kind of government they prefer? The Americans could never resort to that seeminly straightforward electoral solution. If they did, and the people of the world saw the whole anti-communist drama was just a grotesque theater and that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes, their giant edifice of global domination would come crashing down.

The United States has been getting away with this anti-communist charade for so long that they have convinced their adversaries that America’s utter insanity makes them capable of any barbarity. They are geared up for so many varieties of violence and have used them so frequently that they sincerely consider their communicidal procedures–The only good Indian is a dead Indian.–to be merely business as usual. It never occurs to them simply to play fair. Dirty tricks carry the day. American practices in every war, regime change, black op, false-flag operation and drone assassination serve to substantiate the utter lack of consideration for human wellbeing. We don’t expect ethics, or even morals, but a little bit of sportsmanship would be appreciated.

Propaganda Is Wearing Thin

Absolute ruthlessness applies on every occasion, not just in My Lai and Abu Ghraib. The Americans are not to be believed ever, as they are not obliged to tell the truth. They are, after all, combatting the communist forces of Satan and replacing them with American Democracy. They have been able to distribute this story with excellent propaganda campaigns for many decades. But in view of their recent outrageous and wholly unjustified procedures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and, most recently, in the heinous use of killer drones on behalf of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, one of the poorest, hungriest countries in the world, no self-respecting government–i.e. one that doesn’t have its snout in the American trough–can have any doubt as to their intentions.


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