Just Say Goodbye — 3/3

by Mike Booth

Making a Living Abroad

cover-turncoat-final1_187Let’s consider your possibilities for making a living. Obviously, if you’re a writer or a visual artist, you’re in business.  You can do your work (almost) anywhere.  Or, if you have money to invest you might get into rental property or a business. This is trickier and, having failed in a couple of businesses myself, I wouldn’t recommend it. The European bureaucratic obstacles can be formidable, and doing business here requires a lengthy, expensive learning process. Can your work be done over Internet?  A lot of jobs can these days.  If that’s your case, then you’re home free.

We recently met a couple from Oxford, U.K. They are both IT consultants who worked in London. They said they used to spend five hours a day on the train getting to work and back.  I couldn’t believe it.  “It must be one of those great trains with desks for working, Internet connections, a great bar and all that, no?” Continue reading “Just Say Goodbye — 3/3”

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