“Muertes extrañas y convenientes”

Kennedys in Dallas motorcade.
El Presidente Kennedy y su mujer, Jackie, disfrutando de su “motorcade” en el día fatídico en Dallas.

Procura no “saber demasiado.”

En la estela del asesinato del Presidente John F. Kennedy en noviembre de 1963 salía paulatinamente a la luz una larga lista de muertes asociadas en mayor o menor grado con el trágico evento. Entre noviembre de 1963 y marzo de 1984 murieron al menos 103 testigos presenciales, periodistas, agentes de la CIA y el FBI, ex amantes de Kennedy, investigadores privados, políticos, policías y mucha más gente comprometida de alguna forma con los hechos, incluyendo por lo menos una “bailarina exótica” y un taxista y, para guinda, el mismísimo  autor (“supuesto,” que era mucho suponer) del asesinato. Continue reading ““Muertes extrañas y convenientes””

President Trump is Elderly with All That Implies


Time Takes Its Toll, Regardless of Your Place on the Totem Pole

I was being driven around the countryside of the County of Essex one day by my English friend, Richard Milton, when we passed a large, level field with some slender airplanes sitting in a line. “What’s that?” I asked him. “Oh, they’re gliders, waiting to be launched by a tow plane.” “Do we have time to stop and watch them a bit?” “Sure,” he said, turning the car around and pulling into the edge of the field with the other cars.

As we approached the line of gliders on foot Richard spotted the cutest pilot in the line and went straight to chat her up. I tagged along. When he had struck out I said to her. “Could you please tell me approximately how long it takes to learn to pilot a glider?” She seemed relieved to hear a non-predatory question and replied, “The conventional wisdom maintains that it takes you the same time in hours as your age in years.” Continue reading “President Trump is Elderly with All That Implies”

A Left-Handed Defense of Donald Trump


President Donald Trump Is Not Responsible

Although this blog is entitled “Trump and All the Rest,” what you will read here in the coming weeks and months won’t be mainly about Donald Trump. There are lots of other issues we need to look at. Nevertheless, some reference to the most recent US president is unavoidable. Donald Trump is as ubiquitous as ants at a picnic. I’m not, however, as down on him as most of my friends, who blame him for everything and want his head.

The bottom line here is, I think, that Donald Trump is not responsible.  In the first place he has neither the intelligence nor the professional level to be responsible for much of anything. He is burdened as well by a narcissistic, egocentric and truculent character that may actually be pathological. Add to this the fact that he delegates so many of his duties and decisions that we suspect that he’s not actually in charge, that he’s being “handled,” first by Steve Bannon, then by we’re not sure who else.
Continue reading “A Left-Handed Defense of Donald Trump”

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